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About Us

Welcome to the Hormone Balance Center.

Hormones are small proteins that are released from your body’s tissues and glands. These regulate sleep, mood, sexual development, growth, body maintenance and repair, and cardiovascular, neurologic, and immune function, to name but a few. 

At the Hormone Balance Center, we focus on achieving that balance. For us, it is not just delivering a supplemental hormone.


That may be quick, but it may not be the way to achieve your balance. There can be other chemical imbalances from nutrient deficiencies, toxins, medicine interference, infections, mold, heavy metal interference, and other issues that contribute to and worsen your condition. A simple fix may be all you need, but we have found that often those simple solutions have already been tried with low to poor success. 

Medical Director

Dr. Roger Spahr MD ABAARM, ABFM


      Roger Spahr M.D. attended Ball State University earning degrees in Biology and Medical Laboratory Medicine. After working in hospitals for two years in the field of hematology, he attended Indiana University School of Medicine, graduating in 1983. During his residency in Family Medicine, he served as Chief Resident is his final year and earned honors for teaching. He became board certified in Family Medicine and practiced family medicine including obstetrics and procedural medicine in addition to vasectomy and upper and lower endoscopy for twenty years.​


     Dr. Spahr developed an interest in finding the root cause of illness and began his education in metabolic and integrative medicine in 1996. He migrated into integrative and regenerative medicine full time in 2006 becoming board certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine and a Fellow in Anti-Aging, Regenerative and Functional Medicine in 2008.


     He has been involved in practicing and teaching Functional medicine ever since, with a brief stint with a nutritional company, serving as their Chief Science Officer and Medical Director. He has now returned to clinical practice focusing his energy in metabolic disease identification and management. He sees adults and children building therapy protocols from the synergy of allopathic, integrative, genetic, functional and biochemical medicine.

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