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How does hormone replacement therapy help men?


At HBC, the medical staff provides testosterone therapy which may include; topical, injectable, or pellet therapy as a form of hormone replacement for men with low testosterone. The pellets are smaller than a grain of rice and are inserted under your skin for three to six months at a time.

There are also medications that help maintain other related important hormones in the body as well as reduce the build up of estrogen in the body that occurs as men age. This balance of hormones is vital for prostate protection and preservation of libido and testicular volume. 


Your treatment may also include nutritional supplements and thyroid health optimization to provide the most thorough treatment with quality results. The HBC medical team guides you through the process, so you have the best experience possible with the fewest side effects.

What is male hormone health?


Hormone health deals with the changes your hormones go through over time. Age, changes in lifestyle, and stress cause your body to produce less testosterone. With less testosterone, you lose muscle mass, gain body fat, experience a lower sex drive, and feel

less energetic overall.


If you suspect low testosterone levels are causing your symptoms, hormone replacement

therapy can offer you relief and help you feel and look younger and healthier.

How can I get my body back?


Treatment at Hormone Balance Center begins with a medical evaluation. This will involve a physical exam and diagnostics — usually an analysis of your blood and urine. From these assessments, your provider can determine your overall health and hormone levels.


With information about your testosterone, thyroid health, and nutrition, your medical team will create a customized treatment program for you. Your provider may utilize pellet therapy, thyroid medications, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle counseling, as needed.


Over the next few months, your medical team will check in with you to monitor how you’re feeling and re-assess your hormone levels as you continue with treatment.


Male hormone regulation is a process guided by the best available research. Your medical team stays updated on advancements in the hormone health field to provide you with the most effective treatments possible.


Getting your health and body in top shape can be a slow process, but support from the team at Hormone Balance Center can help you reach your goals more quickly.

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Men's New Patient Questionnaire
Have you noticed a loss of self-confidence?
Do you find yourself having difficulty concentrating or focusing?
Are you experiencing joint pain?
Are you getting a midline drift and are you having more trouble keeping the fat off?
Are you getting a midline drift and are you having more trouble keeping the fat off?
Have you noticed fewer morning erections or do you have trouble getting an erection?
Do you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol?
Have you noticed a loss of muscle mass, strength or endurance?

Thank you!

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