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Sexual Health

Could this be you?

As the years go by and each of us gets a little older, we can often blame our increased fatigue, loss of vitality, and weight gain on our age.  We may find ourselves with a drop in our libido, as well as experiencing moodiness, lack of concentration, memory loss, and even depression.  Of course there are many possibilities for this, from toxicities, poor diet, medications or illness.  However, hormonal imbalance may often be the root cause of many of these issues.  

Many times, these are progressive changes, as there is a reduced output of hormones as we age.  Testosterone drops in men in andropause and women experiencing menopause.  Stress and other toxic exposures from foods, environment, medicines, alcohol, tobacco, and recreational drug use can accelerate aging and the reduction of sex hormones. 

Hormones are your body’s messengers.  They take a message from one place to another.  Messages travel from special areas of the brain to the glands, then from the glands to the cells, and then feedback from the cells back to the brain.  Just like radio signals need a receiver to take the broadcast and covert it to music, receptors for these signals are important for the hormonal messages.  The receptor health is dependent on various things including nutrition, genetics, and biochemical interference.  

The focus should be on maintaining health rather than disease.  However, once there is deterioration from the hormonal and physiologic balance, then identifying the source of the imbalance is important to the managing of the associated symptoms.

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Is hormone replacement right for you?

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The hormones the human body makes are extremely specific.  Hormones given for bio-identical hormone replacement (BHRT) match your own hormones exactly.  They are derived from plant sources and their structure is the exact replica of your own hormones.  Therefore, your body knows how to process them through your system.   By using state of the art laboratory testing, we can measure them in relation to normal levels to customize dosing for each patient.  


This is done via health history, laboratory measurement, and evaluation of other aspects of your health that may have direct and/or indirect effect on your needs and hormone management.  


Using this information the Hormone Balance Center will construct a unique program for you.  Some patients will only require minimal dosing and perhaps a few supplements to improve their health.  Others may utilize other evaluations and then therapies to balance other aspects of hormone or other health issues to balance out the hormone properly.  


You will work directly with your experienced practitioner to find the correct dosing and management program for you.  Reach out to us using the contact page and let us explore how our office can benefit you. 

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